Schönbrunn Palace Meidlinger Tor (Meidling Gate),
1130 Vienna

Navigation system address: Schönbrunnerstraße 309, 1130 Vienna

By car

There is a driveway and an entrance to the Schönbrunn Palace gardens after about 50 m from the start of Grünbergstraße (outbound). This is where we are.

Do we have access to the restaurant also if the palace gardens are closed?

Yes, we are directly at the entrance and thus not affected by the closure of the gardens.

Parking facilities in the proximity

Parking is possible in the streets on the side of the 12th district (Meidling) or on the parking site at the corner of Schönbrunner Schloßstraße/Winckelmannstraße
(drive to the Main Gate of Schönbrunn Castle and then back via Schloßstraße to where it meets Winckelmannstraße, the entrance to the parking site is there (2 min by foot)

You can also stop shortly in front of the restaurant to let passengers get in and out of the car!

By public means of transport

Take metro U4 to Schönbrunn stop where you take the “Grünbergstraße” exit (there is a lift at “Schloss Schönbrunn” exit).

When you exit the metro station, turn right to and follow Grünbergstraße across Schloßstraße for about 50 m until you reach Meidlinger Tor and be right in front of our restaurant. (3-4 min)

Bus 10a also has a stop at Schönbrunner Straße.