What’s for dinner?

Bohemian delicacies such as svickova (braised beef Prague style), tripe soup, knedliky (Bohemian dumplings), potato fritters filled with minced pork, Prague style oven roast duck, caramelized cabbage, poppy seed potato noodles and plum jam sweet ravioli. As well as Viennese classics, from schnitzel to goulash and from roast veal with kidney to the ragout with heart and lungs (Salonbeuschel). And, according to the season: game, asparagus, wild garlic, and last, but not least, our famous roast goose.

A rich selection of tasty vegetarian dishes and salads.
An entire parade of grilled toasts for as light snacks.
True soups with meat and vegetables.
We do not use flavour enhancers or other artificial aromas.
Our home-made cakes and pastries are just like out of grandma’s much-loved oven.

People come from all over the world to enjoy our traditional Viennese Kaiserschmarrn and eat our Bohemian sweets.